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Will Power, the Road to Success!

Being social animal we have to live, strive and survive in society. For this very purpose we have to perform certain roles, activities and take certain decisions and actions. While performing these roles all of us exhibit and get different levels of success. Now the puzzle here is to know what makes a person more successful and achiever than others.

First of all we must have to define what success and achievement means to us, for some it would be pure worldly and materialistic objectives and for others it might be unadulterated spiritual goals. Secondly we have to enlist the possible alternatives and course of actions which will lead us towards these set objectives. These steps are taken by everyone whether consciously or subconsciously, what we need to do is that we have to do it consciously and create mental images.


Will power, the road to success.


Here comes the step of putting life and energy to this mental imagery. This energy booster comes from one’s will power and focus. Usually our brain takes many things at a time, which creates confusion thus we cannot prioritize our actions and unable to direct efforts.

Now the key to success in order to direct our energy and will power is focus. In order to get focused we must be able to take one thing at a time and for this very purpose we must have the ability to focus the most wanted thought and ignore the rest. In this very effort we start rejecting and fighting the stream of other thoughts. In this process rather than fading away these thoughts get inflated as we are reinforcing them in the form of negative reinforcement.


Will power2


To get such a focus we can take the example of a traffic police man. While managing traffic he focuses on the point of intersection and flow of traffic rather than type and make of a car. Similarly we receive the traffic of thoughts rather than creating it and what we can do is to pick and focus the thoughts of concern. As while reading this article we are focusing upon it while ignoring all other environmental cues.

This mindset can be achieved through meditation, in which we try to focus upon one thought while ignoring other. In this effort we try to be effortless, keep our mind at ease as we do to our body while sleeping. Give it a direction and sleep over it, become thoughtless in a thought. Mind is habitual of straying away; just take it back to the thought of focus without fighting with others. This process needs will power and while getting focused the will power and self-control is further enhanced.

Once we will be getting focused, this focus and the effort to bridle our mind will enhance the the will power and we will start clicking our priorities one by one.


Will power, the road to success.



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