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What is in it for me!?

This is the question we ask to ourselves when doing something for the others. While being part of the society we have to interact and deal with others. And this is the question we are tamed for and while doing anything we sub-consciously ask this question and do cost benefit analysis. Anything we do without any physical, material, social and psychological benefit is considered foolish act out of us. We have numerous welfare as well as developmental so called non for profit organizations at community, country and even at global level, yet it is a secret that most of them are merely money making institutions and deliver very minimal to the society. This does not mean that everyone is who is doing something for the welfare of the people and society around him for own material gains, there are still those who are doing it for the real help to humanity.


   What is in it for me    What is in it for me


Now the question arises what is in it for them. As whatever we do we have something in our mind. If we are doing something, we are doing it at the expense of something else, and somehow or the other we get some reward or favorable outcome out of that effort, as we know life is all about give and take and tradeoffs.

Whatever we think and do needs energy. A positive mindset needs positive and a negative mindset needs negative energy to exist and boost. Whether we know it and admit it or not, matter is nothing but a creation and illusion of human mind. So whenever we do something for material gain, research suggests that it creates a selfish or to a lower extreme at least a self-centered attitude. To create a situation where I will be gainer of some materialistic advantage, my mind consumes a lot of energy, and in the end I’ll be rewarded a worldly advantage.


   What is in it for me


Whenever I do something despite of any such gain purely for the benefit of someone else, this act gives me back rather a larger packet of positive energy. As this is the way of nature, nature just gives without requiring anything in return. So even we remain selfish, we are getting something out of it as well. Now this energy will refresh us to do our other worldly activities even in a better manner.

Such acts of welfare start from very small scale like feeding birds to a totally dedicated life for this. But give it a try for some time and start small but consistent, amazing results are guaranteed, as you will follow the nature’s way, nature will take care of your concerns.


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