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Watch your thoughts!

‘The mind is its own place, and in itself can make a heaven of hell, a hell of heaven’ (John Milton).

We receive information from three sources, the outer environment and then process it in our conscious, secondly from our sub-conscious and memory, and third from our un-conscious. Here the point to be noted is that the so called un-conscious is also a conscious, a mega or universal conscious, but due to the limitation of our vocabulary, we call it a conscious beyond the grasp of our own individual consciousness.


Watch your thoughts.


We live our thoughts, our emotions and moods. We feel and think as if we are what we think and feel. Our mind is a receiver of thoughts from above mentioned sources. We then process it on the basis of our perception and mindset which are an outcome of our past learning and experiences. Afterwards we tag it as if it is our own idea.

We indulge our self in moods and emotions we go through. Here we can get a point that “I” live my “thoughts”. Here I am a separate entity experiencing thoughts and moods. First of all I have to understand myself, which is separate from my thought process, and the problem is that we think our thought process as ourselves.


Watch your thoughts.


To start getting the true self-realization, I have to watch my thoughts. Now whenever a mood takes over you, separate yourself from mood and start observing it. You are not the mood; you are the self, experiencing that mood. So rather the mood steer you, you watch it and control it. After experiencing it a few times, then take some time away from your daily routine on a regular basis, isolate yourself from your thoughts stream and watch the pattern of thoughts. In the beginning you will receive the pattern of ideas you set in your whole life. After few time you will also gain access to the bigger ocean of ideas. This is the ocean of un-conscious, now pick and choose ideas of greater significance and start building your new self. For this very purpose you need to know the language of un-conscious.

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