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Time, Space and Meditation!

When we move or walk, with every step we spend time and cover space. On the other hand if we are static and are not moving or covering any space, time does not stop. Our measurement of time is based upon the motion of earth, the days, nights, hours minutes and seconds. What if we go out of the earth’s gravity and into the space, how will we be measuring time then? As there will be no movement, no reference point to calculate the time, no day and night. In all the cases time in variable and the space is invariable, it will remain be there whether we move or not, whether we are on earth or in the space. So it can be concluded that time is a relative thing and space is constant. As if there is no space, time cannot exist. We spend our lives on the scale of time and space. So many other things will be related to them like age, location, physiology, psychology, peace and health etc., but how?

Time, Space and Meditation!


Our perception is based upon the things we infer from surroundings, and we call it a three dimensional world. When we look upon the space either it is dimensionless or it has countless dimensions.  If we look at the sky and stars, actually we are looking into the past, as the light of every star though travels through obviously the velocity of light, yet it takes years to reach to us. So the sight of the star we are looking at is actually many years old. Every star has its own dimensions and might have multiple planets circulating around it like the planets of our solar system. So we can say that the time scales or reference points to measure the time may be equal to the number of stars in the whole universe.

Now how many spaces are there? The whole universe if we think for a moment, and think deeply, exists in a single space. There is only one space, covering everything. Outside us, we are surrounded by this space; it is inside us as well. It is the only thing in the whole universe, which is connected to everything, isn’t it? We might have chaos in our lives and in our world, but space is always calm and peaceful.

Whenever we experience the height of happiness, excitement or peace of mind, we either become thoughtless or focused upon a single thought, and at that time, we live in that moment of present, and we are out of time, then the only thing left is space, so peace=space. Similarly, when we fall asleep, we are out of time and space, we do not have any calculation regarding time spent, or we do not have to walk around to go somewhere in our dreams. And the most peaceful time of our lives we urge for is the time of sleep.

Meditation is a technique to tame our minds to focus upon a single thought, or to become thoughtless, and this will ultimately connect us to the oneness of the space, where nothing is left despite the peace of mind. In later articles the mechanism of meditation will be discussed that how it will take us out of our calculation of time and space, and what will be its effects.


Time, Space and Meditation!



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