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Spiritualism: What, Why and How!

In the quest of survival, we have lost meanings in life. What are we here for? We feel ourselves void, empty and hollow. In a pursuit of being unique we have neglected the common part of us that is the very soul and spirit of us. Our body and soul is like a bulb and electricity. Without electricity, the bulb is an empty bowl of glass. Same is the case with our body and soul, without soul or without a focus upon it; we are just a combination of flesh and bones in a bag of skin. So if we are not illuminating with the electricity of soul, are we living a purposeful life? So to live a healthy, satisfactory, happy and peaceful life, we must have to be aware of “what we actually are”?

Spiritualism is not merely a buzzword or a combination of certain techniques; it is rather a mindset or way of looking upon life and ourselves. It gives meanings to life and a new perspective. When we are aware of our common core, we got connected to the nature and become part of oneness. This vastness fills our emptiness and the notion of “knowing thyself” is fulfilled.


Why do all this? As we are created purposefully, and if we’ll be deviating from our purpose, we can never be satisfied. It is also reported that people having higher spirituality levels have positive personality with more of emotional stability, peace of mind and less of neurosis or psychosis. They are physically healthy as well.

Now comes the how part of it. Meditation is so far the best technique to increase the level of spirituality and to find out the purpose of life. While meditating, one tries to isolate the brain from unnecessary thoughts and try to focus on something which will bring us closer to the universal oneness. One way is to focus upon one’s breathing. And then try to locate the soul inside. It can be grasped by pondering upon the death of someone closer, that what sort of energy was extracted out of that person which I have still along with me rather operating me. In a few days we start getting results, and the first indication is that we get self control and peace of mind.



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