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Overcoming Stress!!!

Life is full of “stressors” which ultimately lead our life to the stress and strains. Most of the stressors can be categorized into two major categories;

  • Comparison with others.
  • Expectations from others.



We always want to be successful in all our endeavors. Success to us is set by the society mostly in worldly gains and to measure it we set certain benchmarks and standards. Most of these standards come from the achievements of our closer ones or the greater society. We start following them blindly and without giving it a second thought. Every one of us is unique hence require something customized to satisfy him/her. When we gain something as per the set standards of society yet the underline motive of satisfaction is not achieved, we get frustrated. In this very process we forget and fail to offer gratitude to those things which we already have. It is also evident that we have lot to cherish but what others have and we don’t, attracts us more. When we achieve that, we change our standards and rather than be thankful, become anxious to get more.



While in this struggling life we also need help of others and we do set expectations from others as well. In doing so we even put ourselves in trouble rather create difficulties for others to come up to our expectations. In most of the cases expectations are not met and we got stressed and grieved.

Overcoming Stress


  • So the first golden role of being happy and stay away from stress is that we should be thankful to our creator for what we have yet we’ll try to grow and improve. If we’ll get what we strive for we’ll be more satisfied, if not, we will not be sorrowful, as we are happy in what we have.
  • Second rule is to stop expecting from others. It seems difficult as we have to deal with others in almost every walk of life. So here we’ll definitely deal with others to get things done and that is what we can do and cannot force the situation to happen in our favor. If expectations will be fulfilled, we’ll be happier, if they are broken, we’ll not be grieved as we didn’t set any expectations.


Overcoming Stress


Now the question is how we cannot set expectations from others. Here we can look at our life as till now most of the time we do not have control over circumstances. As in the womb who gives us life, in childhood who put love in the hearts of parents to nurture us, even in our later adult life we have lot many blessings to cherish about like vision, sight, healthy body and a life supporting environment.

So only the creator deserves to set expectations with and no one else. So when we stop comparing and expecting from others, we’ll undoubtedly control the major sources of stressors and stay calm and happy.





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