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How to Take Care of Thin Hair?

Thin hair in women, a very common problem in women or girls across the globe. Like curly hair, thin hair at times are also unmanageable. The women or girls facing thin hair problem try hard to save every strand of their hair. There are many reasons for thin hair which includes inheritance, medical conditions and hormonal changes.


Here I am going to tell you some easy tips for managing the thin hair.

Some of these tips are:

  • Avoid tangles in fine thin straight hair. To do this choose right types of brushes and combs for your thin hair;
  • Avoid using hair sprays, as they may cause to your thin hair;
  • Detangle your hair before washing your thin hair, as wet hairs are weak at roots so there are more chances of damage in wet hair. Hence detangle your hair before going to wash;
  • Use right kind of shampoos and conditioners;
  • Tie a loose ponytail while sleeping.

Just watch the following video for comprehensive guide.


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