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How to stay healthy?

How would we define humans? Are we merely a physical being? If so we need to take care of our bodies to remain healthy. What about our psychological side or mind? As we get psychological illness or psychosis as well. We are being operated by our brains which is steering ourselves on the basis of the mindset we have. So the mindset is the software which operates the hardware of our body. Here comes the soul or transcendental side of us. How can we define our soul? Spirituality theorists say that unawareness or unwillingness to find the meanings of life lead toward frustration and which will create “noögenic neurosis“, or spiritual neurosis. This leads us towards a feeling of void and to fill it up we got indulged in immoral sex or activities like getting drunk etc.


How to stay healthy


So while talking about humans we are a combination of body, mind and soul. To be healthy we have to focus on all of them and we must have to create harmony and synchronization amongst all of them.

The phenomenon of health management starts from self-realization. The process starts from the realization of our body type, its strengths, weaknesses and orientations. Then we have to understand our mind set and thinking patterns, level of concentration against complexity of thoughts, level of positive as well as negative orientations etc.

When we start realizing our physiological as well as psychological realities then is the time to get in touch with the soul.

To be physically healthy we have to give time to our bodies through exercise. The best time for exercise varies from person to person but in general the morning time is most suitable due to the freshness of the environment, as well as the body is revived after a night’s sleep. After having exercise we must sit at a calm place to have deep breathing sessions. While breathing deep breaths will not only enhance the oxygen level in body, but the higher oxygen level will enhance the level of concentration of mind and a feeling of bliss will start appearing.


How to stay healthy


After few days of effort as we need will power to do so, we will first of all start gaining self-control and then the peaceful mind will also show a way to enter into the realm of soul. Now the time will start where we need not to worry about the health issues, rather we will start living a life of overall well-being. This will start reflecting in our daily personal as well as social life. Remember again that health has nothing to do with physical side only; rather it is health of my holistic self, body, mind and soul. To do so time is always available, we just have to prioritize it.

Stay blessed.


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