How to Heatless Curls Overnight at Home?

Curls in women hair look lovely on all types of hair, whatever their color or length is. Women apply lot of methods to form curls in their hair. Mostly they use blow dryer and curling iron to form the curls. The heat generated from both of these tow machines cause the dry and frizzy hair. Women also use several heat resistant sprays, but these products can damage your hair as well.


Keeping in mind the above drawbacks you may wondering about the safest way of getting your hair curled. Don’t worry, I am going to tell you the safest method of getting your hair curled without any damage. Just follow the steps explained in the following video, you will get your hair curled and you don’t have to go to salons every time you wish your hair curled.



How to Kim Kardashian No-Heat Curls Over-Night… by MakeupWearablesHairstyles

How to Heatless Curls Overnight at Home?
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