How to Get Funky Colorful Nails 2012?

Your hands are the prominent feature of your body because these are frequently used in nonverbal communication. There are different measures that are frequently adopted to make your hands beautiful and colorful nail art is one of them.

It is an easy way to describe your personality and ingenuity. It does not mean that you have to spend money in nail salon because simple and attractive designs can be easily achieved at your own home. You are just required to have some necessary tools to get funky nail art at your own place. It is time to unleash your seditious side of personality to get a unique and catchy manicure design. With the help of funky colorful nails you can highlight youthful look in your personality.

How to Get Funky Colorful Nails 2012? How to Get Funky Colorful Nails 2012?

Funky Colorful Nails Ideas:

  • Vibrant and colorful manicure trends are evergreen because these look perfect in every setting. You can do something unique with your nail paint to stand out in the rest of people.
  • High street nail paint can be your best choice to have funky design on your mails. You can add some smiley, cartoon faces or irregular strips to have a great pattern on your nails.
  • Animal prints can give you great funky nail art designs so opt for them via different colors. You can choose zebra, leopard or giraffe prints for your mails.
  • Your selected color and design should compliment your personality so choose it carefully. You can combine light and bright shades to have a versatile look.
  • Cartoon characters and polka dots are best options because you can freely use different colors to paint them. You can make them as colorful as possible to make them more stylish.
  • If you want to save your time then you can use different nail art stickers, glitter, beads etc. to get perfect design in short period of time.
  • You can use toothpick to portray simple faces on your nails. Use two or three colors to make your hand more attractive and colorful. Be careful about the contrast of base color and upper coat of nail paint. Make sure to keep contrast of light and dark colors.
  • You can design different faces on different nails with mood swings such as happy smiley, sad smiley, indifferent etc.
  • Use glitter on the base color to give it a festive look. You can use special brushes for this or can also use tip of your ordinary brush to make a perfect design.


How to Get Funky Colorful Nails 2012? How to Get Funky Colorful Nails 2012? How to Get Funky Colorful Nails 2012? How to Get Funky Colorful Nails 2012?

How to Get Funky Colorful Nails 2012?
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