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Homemade Hair Serum

Damaged hair, everyone complaining about nowadays. There are many reasons for the damaged hair. you can’t blame the sun only for the damaged hair. Too much pollution out there and various hair styling methods can also cause the damaged hair. People do many things to cure the damaged hair, like regular oil messaging, shampoo and conditioning. Sadly, this not enough to reverse the damage done to hair. your hair needs something more to restore health and shine of the hair.


This where the here serum comes to play. Usually hair serums are used for preparing the hair before using heat on your hair. while heating they prevent your hair from breakage. Hair serum contains silicon which tends to coat your hair like plastic and give a smooth and shiny effect instantly. This silicon content in serums can eventually damage your hair which leads to hair fall. In addition to many branded serums available in market there are some simple homemade hair serum recipes that you can apply. These homemade serums help your hair by nourishing and protecting it. Just watch the following video which shows you the exact method of preparing this home remedy.


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