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Get Rid of Large Pores in Just 3 Days!

Here we are sharing a very best home remedy solution to close opened or large pores in just two steps! There are some things you should avoid so you don’t get irregular pores on skin and you get a flawless, younger, tighter and even-toned skin. This remedy is really affordable and it works too.



  • Crushed sugar – 2 tsp
  • Water – 1 tsp
  • Lemon juice – 1/2


  • Mix all the ingredients in a bowl.
  • Steam your face to open the pores.
  • Apply on the open pores.
  • Massage for 5 minutes.
  • Leave it on to dry.
  • Then wash with cold water.



  • Apple cider vinegar – 1 tsp
  • Water – 5 tsp


  •  Mix the ingredients in a bowl.
  • You can also store it in a spray bottle.
  • Dip a cotton ball in the mixture.
  • Apply on face.
  • Leave it on for 2 minutes.
  • Apply some more with cotton.
  • Repeat this 3 times.
  • Close pores with some ice cubes.
  • Do this once a week.


  • Scrub your face just once a month not daily.
  • Always use alcohol free toner to avoid dryness.
  • Do not use oil based make to avoid clogging of pores.
  • Always use sunscreen before going in sun to avoid open pores and wrinkles.

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