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Relaxation Techniques

Relaxation Techniques

Over the past few decades, with a phenomenal increase in the pace of life, it has been greatly recognized that human beings often feel a shortage of capacities while dealing with the necessities of the contemporary life. It has been realized that the human brain has a general tendency to go blank while faced with an excess of information to process. This has resulted into a constant need to develo... »

Peace of Mind

Peace of Mind – The Effortless Journey

Peace – the state of harmony, in psychology, can be referred to as agreement or concordance of thoughts, ideas or mental processes. As much as it is sought for in the external environment, peace of mind, as its name calls for, lies in the environment within. What humankind seeks for in the farthest corners of the globe lies in the nearest but secluded hideaways of the soul. Peace of mind is obtain... »



The human brain has phenomenal power – it can choose, in its freedom, whether to stay or to be carried away; and, whether to hold on or to give in. It has liberty: the free will – the deliberate will to react or not to, and if to react, how to? Mindfulness is the deliberate attention towards the present: the very point in time. Mindfulness is simply relating to experiences as they are. On the cont... »

Meditation – Science or Art

Meditation – Science or Art?

Meditation – the deliberate practice of self-aware focus on an object, state, word, entity, feeling, idea or nothing at all, is a conscious effort of self-induction to a mode for concentration-building, capacity-enhancement, inner peace, spiritual tranquility, stress-relief, peace of mind and any other perceived benefit. It is accepted as part of both domains of art and science; but more of what a... »

Meditation A Way to Get Peace of Mind

Meditation: A Way to Get Peace of Mind

In this an era of very fast pace and we are in a hurry of doing everything, but without knowing the reason. We are perhaps in a hurry for very immediate gains or achievements, but what is the ultimate outcome “the life time objective” side of it? The sole purpose of our existence is perhaps faded away. We have faster transportation but less of a time. We have very advanced modes of communications,... »

Attaining Inner Peace By Meditation

Attaining Inner Peace By Meditation

Derived from Latin meaning “think or ponder”, Meditation is a self-healing technique which helps in relieving stress by means of attaining inner peace, eliminating negative thinking and any mind disease. Not much attention is paid to mind diseases but it is a fact that chronic mind diseases lead to diseases of the body. Being at peace and harmony at spiritual and mental level refers to... »

Effects of Stress

Effects of Stress

Since all of the functions of the human body are directly connected to the brain, any influence on the brain can potentially affect all other biological, neurological and psychological processes of the body. Stress like all other mental processes has all-encompassing effects on the body’s processes. A broad classification of the effects of stress defines four categories:  cognitive, behavior... »

relaxation techniques

Discover your very own “Relaxation Techniques” to remain stress free

There were times when people thought that with the advent of modern technologies we will be able to do more in less time, consequently, (people thought) we all, will have more time for ourselves in order to relax and enjoy. This has drastically proved wrong. What has happened instead is that as the machines have enabled us to do more in little time or with little effort we the human beings, perhap... »



Depression is a psychological state, known and accounted for since as long as medicine history has existed. It has been studied, under the name of melancholia, in the ancient Greek medicine and ever since then it has appeared in an over-whelming number of researches, studies, books and articles. Depression is characterized by self-debasing ideas which, at it their surface, may seem contradicting, ... »

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