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An Overview of Concept of Stress Relief

Stress is an automatic response of body towards the demands made by internal and external forces around a person. When an individual thinks he/she is unable to cope with these demands the stress is born. It is as much a spiritual experience as is meditation.

The stress is not always negative. The demands of forces working around us and lying within us are very crucial for us to move forward in life. They keep us busy, pose challenges for us and keep us motivated to meet these challenges. They help to have ambitions, dreams, and discover. All kind of experiences can generate stress and lead to meditation.

An Overview of Concept of Stress Relief

Even bad experiences have capacity to generate positive stress that could help in focusing to meet it head on and even having enriching experience of meditation. Whereas even good experiences; could lead to mental, physical anxieties, avoidance and even physical and emotional complications. So it is very necessary for us to recognize the cause and symptoms of stress as it could be a silent killer that could lead us to self destructive behavior and sadistic approach towards life and society.

It is important to note that stress destructs the beauty of soul before it head to destroy the beauty around us. No meditation can get it back, It saps all energies and causes mental and physical ailments. Changes of environment, homesickness, death, separation, anxiety about future, decisions and uncertainty can cause stress. 75% of the general population experiences stress every two weeks. Almost 9 out of 10 adults have experienced serious stress. More than 4 out of 10 adults suffer adverse health effects from stress, and some estimates suggest that 75 percent to 90 percent of all physician clinic visits are for stress related complaints. People suffering from it tend to consult all sources for catharsis. Going to meditation experts and learn to meditate being one solution.

Having said all that, one naturally needs a cure that could help in:

  • reducing the frequency of getting stressed
  • identify ways on how to use both good and bad experiences to adopt positive attitude
  • release stress to avoid being ill and torturing the soul.


There are many methods to fight it. Food, exercise, prayers and even medicines; the point is we can stick it out from our lives without using any therapeutical aids. Meditation helps to fine tune the soul to the frequency of its creator. It will beautify the life and help to release stress, de-stress.

The trust and belief, adopting what the Omnipotent wants us to have and releasing ourselves from clutches of harmful emotions i. e jealousy, anger, hatred; not overstretching everything to a limit that causes wear and tear of soul, meditation teaches all that. Learning to strike balance and remain thankful to the endowments of nature whatever share given to us. Learn which are stress triggers for one self and try to map patterns. Stress free life is not a farfetched dream, it can be a reality. Just learn not to be over demanding from yourself and from others. Meditation would heal the ailing soul. Meditation you can bring remarkable change in your life.

An Overview of Concept of Stress Relief


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